In order to meet the needs of coal mines, We and the mine energy conservation promotion station of the Ministry of Metallurgy invented the patented explosion-proof technology of the coal mine-extracted main fan, and combined with the parameters of the mine ventilation network, developed the extractable surface axial flow main fan and coal mine extraction of small and medium-sized coal mines. The highest static pressure efficiency of the device reached 86% reached the advanced level of the main mining fan. The materials used in this machine have passed the friction spark test of the Testing Center of Chongqing Branch of China Coal Science Institute, and have reached the requirements of explosion-proof. The explosion-proof performance of the machine has passed the explosion-proof inspection of the National Quality Inspection Center for Explosion-proof Electrical Products.

The main fan is used for ventilation of a certain mine or a wing of a mine, also called a main fan;
The auxiliary fan is used to adjust the amount of wind in the branch airway in the mine ventilation network, and is to assist the main fan to work;
The local fan is used for local ventilation of the roadway where the mine does not have a through-flow and does not open.

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