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How to select power of frequency inverter

We need to remember the following 3 point when selecting frequency inverter: 1.Usually the power of inverter should be same as motor power at 4 pole.,eg: motor is 11kw, then inverter should be 11kw. 2.Inverter should be down one level at 2 pole;Up one level at 6 pole; Up 2 level at 8 pole. Eg: 6P/5.5kw motor should be equipped with 7.5kw frequency inverter, while 8 pole/5.5kw motor should be equipped with 11kw frequency inverter. 3.How to select in the condition of high temperature, high switching frequency and high altitude: At the above condition,the inverter will be derated so that the inverter needs to be increased by one level.eg:5.5kw—7.5kw 4.When large torque load or large overload capacity required, the inverter needs to be increased by one level

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